Visual tests

Visual tests

Train Your Eyes

Did you know that your eyes focus on about fifty different objects every second, and that they can detect a candle flame that is 1.7 miles away? Incredible, right? By playing our free and entertaining visual tests, you can help exercise the second most complex organ in the human body after the brain: the eye!

There are over 285 million people worldwide living with visual impairment. We can train our eyes just like we can train our bodies. Eye exercises are easy, take no time at all, and, most importantly, can be fun. They are especially vital for those who may have myopia, near-sightedness, and/or astigmatism.

So if you've ever found yourself wondering just how perceptive your eyesight is, then our visual tests are just for you. They are not only fun and free to play, but also help exercise your eyes.

How Our Tests Keep Your Eyes Feeling Good

Each eye contains 107 million cells and all of these cells are light sensitive. The health of this incredible organ is crucial to your everyday life.

What you eat has a big influence on the health of your eyes. Leafy vegetables, oily fish, eggs, nuts and beans can help ward off age-related vision problems.

Though there is little scientific evidence suggesting that eye exercises can improve vision, games that challenge the eyes have been shown to actually help with eyestrain and make your eyes feel better! As you work your way through our visual tests, you might find yourself implementing several different eye exercises instinctively. These exercises might productively challenge your eyes as you switch between near and far focus. They might also strengthen your eye muscles as your eyes constantly adjust the length of your focus and help increase your eyes’ flexibility as you scan our images for the correct answers.

Get Started Now

So, have some fun AND give your eyes a workout –train your eyes now with our visual tests and see how well you do!

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