The Apex Legends Quiz

Launching in early 2019 into what’s suddenly become one of the world’s most popular gaming genres, Apex Legends was quick to make an impression. Capable of winning the heart of any gamer with its beautiful blend of gaming tropes and winning formulas we've seen in the likes of Overwatch and Battlegrounds, it seems like it'll be here to stay. But how much of a master of this game are you? Have you invested enough time in the game to conquer our tough quiz? Prepare yourself, champion, the fight is about to begin!

Respawn stated that, since they were restricted by their slightly outdated engine, they were hesitant to make Titanfall 3 next as the graphical fidelity wouldn’t be on par with the likes of CoD and Battlefield. Therefore, they came up with Apex as a last hurrah before moving on to a more advanced engine.

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