Solar System Quiz

The Solar System! Where would we be without it? Well, pretty much nowhere, it turns out. Our solar system has beguiled, intrigued, fascinated and frustrated astronomers since the dawn of rational thought, but how much do you know about this vast interplanetary region? Take on this quiz and find out for good.
Scientists have found Martian rock on Earth! Don’t worry though, it’s probably not an alien invasion, but more likely a consequence of rock being flung out by massive volcano eruptions or asteroid collisions.
Our interesting facts on each riddle will be fun to read, so take your time. Now let’s get started and see if you are up to the challenge. Completing our riddles won’t be easy, however they are a great workout for your brain. You will need to use logic, common sense, out-of-the-box thinking and your imagination. When awake, your brain produces enough electricity to power a small lightbulb! Your brain is more complex than even the toughest quiz. The human brain is actually composed of around 100 billion total neurons in addition to a trillion glial cells.